Bringing Scripture and Theology to Life

kwordlogogold120.pngLots of blogs discuss the Bible, but not many study it well.

Lots of blogs discuss theology, but not many connect it to real life.

Lots of blogs discuss current events or the Christian life, but not many do so in a way that normal people can “get it.”

I’ve really enjoyed reading a blog that does all these things and more.

Till He Comes is a blog by Jeremy Myers dedicated to “Bringing Scripture and Theology to Life.”  Myers has a unique perspective on all things Christian as well as a careful way of communicating about it.

While I don’t agree with Myers on every point he writes, his willingness to question any idea on the basis of Scripture refreshes me.  Also, he does a great job taking familiar verses and examining them in context to understand the author’s main point.

For example, check out his posts on James 2:19 (“even the demons believe“) and Hebrews 10:26 (“no sacrifice for willful sin“).

Also, check out his post on the need for uneducated Bible scholars.  You don’t need a seminary degree to study the Bible and be helpful to others.  Great stuff!

I commend this helpful, relevant blog to you for further help with your Bible study.

Check it out!

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